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-intelligence (or lack of) 

-skills (or lack of) 

-weird hobbies

-friends (or lack of) 




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Matt Smith doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

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Episode 13: Unafraid of the Dark, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey

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My character is being kept on suicide watch at a psych ward. Send me ✃ for their response to your character visiting them.

Of all the people who could have come into the room, they would have preferred a nurse, a doctor, anyone over him. Over the man that took everything from him, that was them, and they were him. They knew he’d be disappointed, of course he would be, because this was supposed to be some sort of perfect, fairy tale life, yet here they were. 

They stare straight through him at first from where they sit against the wall across the room under a blanket, sock clad feet fidgeting restlessly, fingers carding through their hair, yet their face flat, blank. ‘What do you want?’ they finally question, voice as flat as their face. 

It broke the Doctor’s hearts, it really did, to see them sitting there. It wasn’t supposed to matter, not anymore, but he couldn’t help feeling a bit angry. This was supposed to be the good life, the nice life. They had everything they needed, actually, so why? Why would they do something like this?  Why would they even think about it?

He goes straight to the point, and perhaps he sounds a bit harsher than he intended, but he was unable to keep his voice down.  "Why? Why would you—you, out of all the possibilities—do somethin’ like this? Try somethin’ like this. What went wrong, in your little perfect fairytale?”

He’s not being fair, and he’s completely aware of it, but it doesn’t stop him. The Doctor has to use all of his self control to stop himself from insulting them and calling them something he would regret later—possibly something that has to do with their human side—and even though he’s incredibly angry, he also feels guilty. Because maybe, somehow, he could’ve stopped this before it even started.

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"I can do that, just go back to bed."



Illness themed RP starters

"But I can do it too!" The Time Lord complained, not even turning around to look at her. It was only a glass of water! Besides, being stuck in bed was boring. He wasn’t even sick, despite what she though. He was completely and absolutely fine. 

Well, if he ignored the high fever and all the coughing, which, by the way, he was. It wouldn’t last long anyways, he was a Time Lord. There was no point in keeping him in bed.

      Because if you’re running around having adventures and you get even more sick it’s not going to be fun, she told him, turning him by the shoulders pushing him towards his bed.

      She’d seen five year olds handle being sick better than he did. True, it was boring, but it would be better to be completely healthy in her opinion. I’ll sit on you if I have to. I told you I can bring you books and other things so you’re not completely bored, but you are going to stay in bed until you’re feeling better.

          The Doctor groaned, taking small steps to his bed and walking as slow as he could, throwing a tantrum in the most mature way he could manage—which, to be honest, wasn’t exactly the most mature thing he could’ve chosen.

          “But it’s not the same!” He complained, sitting on the bed. He was just about to start complaining again when he started coughing, covering his mouth with his arm and almost choking on his own saliva. It took a few minutes for him to recover, and when he did, he was too tired to keep complaining. Closing his eyes, he lay on the bed, taking deep breaths to return his breathing to normal.


The Ultimate Time Lord: Peter’s like the annoyed older brother, Sylv and Colin are the troublesome middle children who can’t shut up, and Paul’s the kid brother who watches the ridiculous antics of his siblings with rapt attention.

My character is being kept on suicide watch at a psych ward. Send me ✃ for their response to your character visiting them.

The Doctor didn’t open his eyes as she walked in, not bothering to see who it was. Nobody had visited him, and, to be honest, nobody was going to, so he just assumed it was another nurse or maybe a doctor trying to speak to him. 

Which, of course, was useless. Was it really that hard to let him out? This place had made his nightmares worse, and seeing how they treated certain people made him sick. So he did the best he could, tried to help. But, for some reason, it never seemed to work.

Perhaps he should stop trying so hard to help everybody, and start trying to help himself. 


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The Thing Is About Time Travel”

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Until you came
bodies so hot
with blood
and pain

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if you keep reblogging celebs dumping water all over themselves, even if you’re not, please watch this. please please please watch this.

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